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Water Scarcity and Stella Artois

Although access to clean drinking water isn’t of concern for most of the developed world, there are currently 2.1 billion people (or just over a quarter of the world’s population) that lack access to safely managed drinking water services. Of … Continue reading

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Nordic Countries Lead the Way in Assisting Developing Nations

Jake Cash and Grey Reames According to a new report from the Center for Global Development, the Nordic Countries Denmark, Sweden, and Finland top this year’s Commitment to Development Index, which is an annual ranking of the wealthiest countries in … Continue reading

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Cape Town’s Water Crisis

Chandless and Piantoni In July 2010 the United Nations General Assembly recognized water and sanitation as a human right. Without clean water it is impossible to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of Health or to be able to break the … Continue reading

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China’s Investment in Africa

In the 1970s, China began to open her previously steel plated borders to the world and all of its influences and interests. This historic move shifted the trajectory of the country for the better, transitioning one of the poorest, least … Continue reading

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Looking to the Future: An Economic Plan for the New South African Regime

As South Africa turns to a new elected leader in Cyril Ramaphosa, many question the direction he will lead the country economically. Following the economic downturn in 2008-2009, the economy of South Africa has more or less grinded to a … Continue reading

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The Catalonian Reconquista

Catalonia has long been culturally distinct from Spain, with its own Catalan dialect preferred to Spanish. When the nations of Aragon and Castille merged in 1492, Catalonia still had a measure of autonomy, yet has been part of Spain ever … Continue reading

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Change in Gender Wage Gaps: China vs India

Since the 1990s, China and India have experienced huge social and economic transformation, resulting in two powerful and unique economies. Through this transformation, there has been a dramatic change in wage gaps within the two economies as the labor market … Continue reading

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Jamaica and the IMF

Jamaica has never fully recovered from the 2nd oil crisis and other pieces of bad luck in the late 1970s. It is now in it’s 4th year of the latest IMF-led restructuring program. A December mission offered an optimistic prognosis, … Continue reading

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Diversifying Nigeria’s Oil Dependent Economy

In a country where oil exports make up more than 70% of the government’s income, diversifying the economy is vital. The oil market has been volatile in recent times and Nigeria has felt the impact. According to the Nigerian Minister … Continue reading

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South Africa’s Demographic Direction

South Africa is experiencing a decline in fertility rates, resulting in a lower ratio of working age population to consumers. South Africa will now be in a position to take advantage of the first demographic dividend, in which the working … Continue reading

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