Econ 280 Midterm #1 Winter 2018
– due Tuesday 23 January in class –

This midterm is to get you “into” the book, and working on an overview of development issues that make it easier to see how the otherwise disparate appearing topics we cover actually do fit together.

This is an open book exercise – you can also use the web. Typewritten answers are nice, but not mandated.

Since it’s open book, you can obviously spend time preparing. In addition, you don’t have to do the whole thing in one sitting. But to keep a limit on how much time you spend on this, limit your response to the following to 90 minutes total. I suggest how much time you should devote to each, but I will grade the exam as a whole. If you choose to include graphs, you don’t need to count the time for exercising your cutting-and-pasting kindergarten skills as part of the 90 minutes. [You can use screen shots or save graphics for things online, you can use cell phone pictures, you can hand draw…]

  1. Pick a Sustainable Development Goal – we briefly looked at the initial goal of “Poverty”, so please choose one of the other three most immediately tied to “development” – #2 Hunger, #3 Health or #4 Education. Address the following points, with whatever emphasis you feel appropriate. Please feel free to attach a graph or two from the sources you use to provide evidence for your argument.

    • what? – a description, with a “development” emphasis
    • so what? – why should it be a goal?
    • where? – geographically, where is this most an issue?
    • how? – what can be done in concrete terms?

    You cannot be comprehensive – I’m not asking for a 50 page report! So while you might list several items for “how”, use a single example for this brief essay.

    (45 mins)

  2. Why “Big Push”? What does it mean in practice – what does the book claim gets bundled with it?

    (20 mins)

  3. What are the lessons of the Solow model? What does it help explain (or fail to explain) among the features that distinguish countries that do well?

    (20 mins)