Development Economics
MWF 11:15a-12:10p CGL 104

Week Date Topic Readings Misc
Intro Fri Intro Ch 1
Week I
Sept 11-15
Mon Big Picture approaches Ch 5
Wed metrics: GDP and HDI Ch 2
Fri metrics: poverty Ch 6 Kakwani paper in Perusall
Week II
Sept 18-22
Mon Factor Accumulation Ch 3
Wed Structural Change Ch 3
Fri Country Presentations you all!!!
Week III
Sept 25-29
Mon Growth: Solow Ch 4
Wed Growth: Productivity Ch 4
Fri Growth: Dual Sector Ch 16, 583-602 Takehome Exam #1
Week IV
Oct 2-6
“L” & HumanK
Mon St Louis conference no class
Wed Demography: Why Have Kids? Ch 7 takehome exam due
Thur Developing Country Migration St Louis report 7 pm
start your paper!
Fri Demography: Dynamics & Dividends Ch 7
Week V
Oct 9-13
“L” & HumanK
Mon Education Ch 8
Wed Who Gets Schooled? Ch 8
Fri Fall Reading Day no class
Week VI
Oct 16-20
“L” & HumanK
Mon Health: Mortality Ch 9
Wed Health: Disease Ch 9
Fri Health: Nutrition Ch 9
Week VII
Oct 23-27
Mon tentative:
Prof Blunch
paper in Perusall paper comparison paper due
Wed Country Reports: Health & Educ issues you all!!!
Fri Guest speaker: Dr. Lee Hall, NIAID Infectious Diseases: Making Choices Health & Economic Development
Oct 30-Nov 3
Mon Agriculture: Production Functions Ch 17
Wed Agriculture: Ownership, tenancy, risk Zhang et al. in Perusall
Fri Agriculture: Elasticities and the Future Ch 17 Dorin et al. in Perusall
takehome exam #2?
Week IX
Nov 6-10
Mon Savings-Investment Ch 10
takehome exam due
Wed S-I: Dynamics NTAccounts
representative IMF Article IV reports
Fri S-I: International Flows Ch 10
Week X
Nov 13-17
Mon Country Presentations you all
Wed Inflation Ch 12
Fri Financial Repression Ch 12
Nov 18-26 Thanksgiving
Week XI
Nov 27-Dec 1
Mon Debt Crises: overview IMF Article IV reviews
Wed Debt Crises Brazil case study the prof
Research Paper Due
Fri Open Economy Issues: Forex Ch 15
Week XII
Dec 4-8
Mon Open Economy Issues: Dutch Disease Ch 15, 18
Wed Open Economy Issues: ISI Ch 18
Fri Open Economy Issues: EPI
Are Latecomers Too Late?
Ch 18
Dec 9-15 Final Exams: note only morning exams on Fri