• Perkins, Radelet, Lindauer & Block, Economics of Development, W.W. Norton, 7th ed, 2012. ISBN-13: 978-0393934359
    • Amazon link [abt 10 copies from used booksellers below $75, as of Aug 15th]
    • Publisher’s Student Purchase Option Web Site [eBook is $75]
    • W&L bookstore: $152.25 used, much more for new
    • Alibris links to sellers of the international paperback edition, priced under $60 including shipping. Their main seller ships from India. I’ve ordered a copy, to have a second one that I can leave at home – if it turns out to be the right edition and so on I’ll update this. If not, I’ll change this to a “don’t!!” warning.

At present I am not assigning a supplemental text – we will however use free (downloadable) resources from the World Bank, EconPapers and elsewhere. Do any of you know novels that give a flavor of life in a rural developing country? The only ones I know are those in the The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series, set in Botswana, by Alexander McCall Smith. But even those are set mainly in a city.

In choosing the text, I compared it to 3 others: de Janvry & Sadoulet, Todaro & Smith, and Ray. The topics each covers vary. Ray is heavy on theory and on South Asia while J&S organize their content around specific empirical studies with an emphasis on South and Central America. T&S covers too much too quickly, with many chapters I find extraneous to an economics-based treatment. Even at 20 chapters, PRL&B treat fewer topics, with individuals sections that verge on (and sometimes are) readable essays.