Winter 2018 Schedule

Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:45a-1:15p Huntley 321

Development Economics

Week Date Topic Readings
Week I Tue 9 Jan Intro: The Big Picture Ch 5
Th 11 Jan GDP and HDI Ch 2
Week II Tue 16 Jan Factor Accumulation Ch 3
Th 18 Jan Growth and Productivity Ch 4; READING
Week III
mandatory office hours: paper topics
Tue 23 Jan Growth vs Poverty Ch 6
Th 25 Jan Population and Demographic Dividends
Midterm #1 (due Tues 25 Jan)
Ch 7
25 Jan Demographics
Week IV
mandatory office hours: paper topics
Tue 30 Jan The Family: Demographics
Population Pyramids link
Ch 7
Th 1 Feb Intrafamily Allocation: Reading an Econ Paper
see Readings for source
Hahn et al class discussion notes
Week V Tue 6 Feb Education: Why Educate Peasants? Ch 8
Th 8 Feb Who Gets Schooled? Ch 8
Week VI Tue 13 Feb Health: Mortality
paper comparison paper due
Ch 9
Th 15 Feb Health: Disease Ch 9
Spring Break Sat 17 Feb – Sun 25 Feb
Week VII
mandatory office hours: paper topics
Tue 27 Feb Agriculture: Growth & Structural Change Ch 16
Th 1 Mar Agriculture: Production Functions
Takehome Midterm #2 (due Tues 6 Mar)
Ch 17; see reading: Dorin et al.
mandatory office hours: paper topics
Tue 6 Mar Agriculture: Ownership, tenancy, risk Ch 17
Th 8 Mar Migration & Urbanization
draft intro & lit review due
Ch 17
Week IX Tue 13 Mar Savings-Investment: Domestic Capital Accumulation Ch 10
Th 15 Mar Fiscal Issues: Government Capital Accumulation and Public Goods Ch 11; Readings: Rwanda and the IMF
Week X Tue 20 Mar Financial Markets Ch 12
Th 22 Mar Financial Crises (I)
Research Paper Due
Ch 13
Week XI Tue 27 Mar Financial Crises (II) Ch 15
Th 29 Mar Trade (I) Ch 18
Week XII Tue 3 Apr Trade (II): ISI and … EPI? Ch 19
Th 5 Apr Open Issues; Pre-final summary various
Final Exams: note only afternoon exams on Sat and morning exams on Fri